Dining Experience

creative Greek cuisine dishes with passion

We have a team of young and talented professionals in the kitchen, which definitely prepares creative Greek cuisine dishes with passion.
Our Chef is fascinated with the freshness and taste of the raw materials, be it greens, dairy products or meats and seafood that a Mediterranean country like Greece has to offer and puts his creativity and passion into every dish he offers. His team believes they are serving food to their loved ones.


Our Maître d’ Hotel and his dedicated team truly look forward to offering a dining experience and assisting you in enjoying each meal with a relevant wine. Our wine list is not huge but consists of a very carefully selected choice of local and nationwide wines to be combined with the delicious Creative Greek cuisine we offer.
Greeks have been enjoying wine for over 3500 years and today Greece boasts over 2700 different labels of white, rose and red wine and many with world class distinction.