Keeping you safe

Welcome in Santorini!


Here at Santorini Princess Luxury Spa Hotel, our priority has always been the safety and well-being of our guests and employees. As we navigate these times of rapid change, we are developing a cohesive plan, in accordance to the health and safety rules and recommendations imposed by the Greek State and the Greek Health Authorities. We are looking forward to your visit with thorough precautionary standards set in place, to ensure a safe, healthy and welcoming environment without making any compromises on the quality of our hospitality standards.


Our actions before your check-in
• Open air setting of our property ensuring social distancing
• Compliance to the National Health and Safety Protocols.
• Health & safety training programs for all our employees (Authorized Health First Certification in all aspects of health, safety & hygiene)
• A doctor is available 24/7 for our Guests
• Planning and coordination of transport for medical examinations and emergency care 24 hours a day
• Cooperation with all insurance companies in Greece and abroad
• Personal Protective Equipment to be worn by all employees while they perform their duties.
• Official instructions have also been provided on how to handle immediately and appropriately any possible infection case.
• Operation of the Hotel with a specific number of staff, only the security personnel


Our actions while you are heading to our hotel
• We offer the option to fill out the formalities online, prior to your arrival
• Max 3 adults + driver is allowed per 9 seater vehicle, in accordance with the guidelines from the Greek State.
• Our drivers wear protective gear and will have adequate open windows allowing circulation of fresh air at all times.


Our actions upon your arrival
• We encourage our guests to discuss their personal preferences on the level of service with our reservations department, to minimize physical interaction
• Guests are welcomed in our outdoor spaces with safe distances for a contactless check-in process
• Online completion of formalities is recommended prior to arrival
• Guest portal available with all hotel’s features for enhancing a more contactless experience


Welcome to your room!
• All rooms are steam cleaned prior to your check in and all touch points have been disinfected.
• Housekeeping services for your safety is only allowed after your check out no matter how long your stay is booked for. Should you require any housekeeping services kindly contact our Reception by dialing 500.
• Rooms are thoroughly sanitized with industry-leading cleaning & disinfecting products
• Guest Services team will escort guests to rooms whilst providing information about our room facilities, in full compliance with hygiene guidelines
• Verified Hygienic humidity, ventilation, and temperature systems
• Hygiene protective material is provided to ensure both the health of guests and staff and the proper functioning of the Hotel
• In-room breakfast and private dinners will also be served upon request and delivered to your door only.


Welcome on our restaurant!
• Open air setting, min. distancing 1,2 meter space between tables.
• Max 6 persons per table
• Buffet Breakfast: Our employees only will serve our Guests at the buffet.
• Tables, glassware, cutlery & menus are disinfected before each Guest use.
• Reservations required
• Contactless payment options available.
• Employees wear protective gear during the operation of the restaurant and bar.


Welcome on our swimming pool!
• 2m distancing between sunbeds.
• Disinfection of sunbeds after each Guest use is materialized.
• Systematic chlorination of pools with disinfectant products as designated by our specialist partners.
• Only 12 max Guests in our pool at any given moment.


Welcome to our Spa.
• Indoor pool use for your safety is prohibited.
• Our staff wears protective gear and takes all hygienic measures for your safety having santised their hands prior to your massage & other services.


It’s time for your departure!
• Advance checkout is available to guests – bills prepared without physical contact
• Contactless payment options are available
• Invoice to be sent by e-mail


All the above precautionary measures are in place, to ensure a relaxing, safe and carefree vacation on our beautiful island.
We are looking forward to providing an unforgettable experience!