While being in Imerovigli watching the spectacular view, the Skaros rock will definitely catch your attention. Skaros is a large rock formatted by the volcanic eruptions which gave Santorini its unique landscape. Because of its difficult approach Skaros used to be a fortress and you can still see the remains of the Castle that was used by the residents for protection from the pirate attacks.


The fortress had two castles. One called “Rocka” or Uper Castle and the other was the “Kato Kastro” (Lower Castle). People were staying there in stone houses that were in direct contact one to another and had a labyrinth path system. At that time Skaros was the capital of Thera and had never fallen into enemies hands. In the 17th century people started abandoning Skaros and moved to Fira which became the new capital of the island.


You can hike to the Skaros Rock from Imerovigli and it will take you about 30 minutes. Be sure to wear the right pair of shoes if you want to reach the top as the last meters are a bit difficult. The view from Skaros is breath-taking so don’t forget your cameras. While following the path you will come across some picturesque, white-washed churches and chapels that seem to stand alone and gaze into the eternal blue of the sea.